Every time we start a home renovation project, we wonder why it isn't better by now.

We question the choices we make – could we have done this in a more environmentally friendly way? Why are we cluelessly googling things a builder said, panic buying something the electrician needs today, or arguing with our partners about details that could have been decided months ago?

Our mission is to transform the way we renovate and maintain our homes for the better, using technology to anticipate and nail the practical details that save time and money and reduce environmental impact.

Co-founder Calum Pringle



Co-founder Penny Andrews



We're Calum and Penny. Together we've been making successful products and growing businesses for ten years.

We bonded over the difficulties of renovating our own homes in London and Somerset, so in 2023 we decided to do something about it. We assembled a small, experienced team of people we've worked with before to make Reno a reality – and you're looking at it!

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The current Reno app

Reno is the missing link between Pinterest and Checkatrade.

Starting with bedrooms and bathrooms, we've built Reno to guide you through key decisions, from big ones like layout to little ones like how to edge your tiles. We turn this into a neat, sharable brief that homeowners and trades can use for more realistic quotes.

Best of all, it's free for your first room.

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The Reno wishlist

We've got big plans! You can see where we're going on our public wishlist, and on Instagram. Our top priorities:

Support for kitchens and other rooms

Full renovation process from design to quoting and payment

Tools for homeowners and trades to discuss and track changes

Automatic estimates, shopping lists and invoices

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