A quarter of our carbon emissions come from our buildings – the way we heat them and how we use hot water.

Then there's the materials we choose to buy and what we do with the waste – how do we reduce waste? How do we recycle it?

A renovation project is the perfect time to increase the energy efficiency of a home and reduce your impact on the environment. Reno helps you make the right decisions at the right time to be more energy, water and waste efficient with minimal extra cost or effort.

Find hints and tips on how to make more sustainable and energy efficient choices when planning your renovation in our help and advice section and at different stages of your planning process when you are signed in. Look out for the leaf symbol for opportunities and options to make better decisions.

Our recommendations are based on expert, trusted sources like the Energy Saving Trust, Climate Change Committee, Waterwise, WWF and British Metals Recycling Association.

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The current Reno app

Reno, our home renovation app, is the missing link between Pinterest and Checkatrade.

Starting with bedrooms and bathrooms, we've built our renovation design and planning tool to guide you through key decisions, from big ones like layout to little ones like how to edge your tiles. We turn this into a neat, sharable brief that homeowners and trades can use for more realistic quotes.

Best of all, you can try it for free for one room.

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The Reno wishlist

We've got big plans! You can see where we're going on our product roadmap, and see what's new on Instagram. Our top priorities:

Support for kitchen renovations and other rooms

Full renovation process from design to quoting, payment and maintenance

Tools for homeowners and trades to discuss and track changes

Automatic estimates, shopping lists and invoices

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