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Choosing the right type of over bath shower screen

Choose a shower screen with little or no plastic. Glass and metal are 100% recyclable and can be recycled forever, whereas plastic ends up in landfill.

Fixed Panel Screens

Fixed panel screens have a stationary glass panel, for a sleek and minimalist design.

Fixed Panel Screen


  • No additional plastic or rubber seal strip to worry about - these can gather dirt and mould and generally tend to compromise the aesthetics of a screen
  • Fixed panels tend to use thicker glass which looks and feels good quality


  • Limited access to the bath compared to hinged, folding or sliding screens (and limited options on width considering the space available)
  • Can be tricky to clean around, depending on the width of the screen and length of your arms, you might have to get into the bath to clean it properly

Fixed panel screens, better for older children and adults, tighter spaces and a high quality aesthetic.

Hinged Door Screens

Hinged door screens have a door that swings open, offering wide access to the bath. You can find models that swing inwards or outwards and some with double hinges that swing both ways.

Hinged Door Screen


  • Being able to move the screen is handy for families as you can move the screen to reach taps, turn on the shower and bath children all from outside of the bath
  • The movable screen can provide easier access for cleaning


  • Require sufficient clearance space for the door swing (you may also need to consider the positioning of your bath taps if you want to be able to push the screen all the way in over the bath)
  • Not always ideal for smaller bathrooms with limited space, especially with screens that open outwards
  • Require a plastic / rubber seal strip which needs a greater level of cleaning and maintenance / may need to be replaced every so often

Hinged door screens, best for those with young children and more spacious bathrooms.

Sliding or Folding Door Screens

Sliding door screens open by sliding along a track, saving space in smaller bathrooms. Folding screens consist of multiple panels that fold in on themselves, neatly saving space.

Sliding or Folding Door Screen


  • Suitable for compact bathrooms
  • Can mean you’ll have a wider screen for less splashing when fully extended


  • Tracks, hinges and folding mechanisms may require a greater level of cleaning and maintenance to prevent sticking and build up of dirt
  • Folding and sliding screens tend to be more expensive than hinged or fixed shower screens

Sliding panel screens, best for those with young children and smaller bathrooms.

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