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Recycling Showers

It's about to get easier to make more sustainable choices for our bathrooms with the innovative water recycling shower solution.

What is a Recycling Shower?

A recycling shower, also known as a water recycling or closed—loop shower system, is designed to reduce water consumption by reusing and filtering water during your shower. Instead of allowing used water to go down the drain, a recycling shower system treats, filters, and purifies the water for repeated use, effectively creating a "closed—loop" water cycle.

Key Components of a Recycling Shower:

Filtration System:

Advanced filtration systems that remove impurities, soap residues, and contaminants from the water.

Treatment Mechanism:

The system typically includes a treatment process, which may involve UV light, ozone, or other methods to ensure water quality.

Storage Tank:

The treated water is stored in a tank and then reintroduced into the shower for subsequent use.

Smart Controls:

Many recycling showers come with smart controls that allow users to monitor water usage, adjust settings, and ensure optimal performance.


  • Recycling showers can significantly reduce water consumption by reusing the same water during a single shower session
  • Less water usage means less energy required to heat water, contributing to overall energy savings


  • Higher initial cost compared to traditional showers due to the advanced technology involved
  • Regular maintenance to ensure effective water treatment and filtration
  • May require additional space for installation, which could be a constraint in smaller bathrooms
  • Retrofitting an existing bathroom might be more challenging

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