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Tips for Surviving a Bathroom Renovation

It's not often a fun experience living at home while your bathroom is being renovated – here are our tips to staying fresh and stress-free!

Be prepared with toiletries

Have dry shampoo and shower gel on hand. Consider using a bowl of hot soapy water for bed baths, especially for young children who might not mind going without a bath for a short period.

Join a gym for convenient showers

Some gyms offer 24–hour access, allowing you to shower whenever suits.

Have a backup plan

Prepare for potential delays by setting up a temporary wash station in your utility room or kitchen. A jug and wash basin can be useful, especially for families. Temporarily relocating your bathroom products to a makeshift station helps maintain a sense of normality.

Follow advice from the trades

Always follow the advice of professionals, even if it means temporarily avoiding the use of your bath or shower during specific drying periods. Ignoring their recommendations could damage your newly renovated bathroom. Patience is key – wait for the go–ahead before resuming regular use!

Keep the work area clear

  • Use tarps and zipper doors to protect surfaces from dust during the renovation
  • Keep pets away from the construction zone to ensure their safety and minimise disruptions

Or move out…

Not always a cheap option, but if you have friends or family you can stay with, getting away from the house for a period of time can help. Alternatively, consider Airbnb, hotels, or short-term rentals, or take a holiday (with an agreed way of keeping on top of any questions while you are away)!

  • Avoids the stress of living in a construction zone and the challenges of finding ways to keep clean
  • Potentially saves money by preventing project delays and reducing on-site safety expenses (depending on the cost of wherever you might be staying)
  • Ensures the safety of your family, especially thinking about young children and pets
  • Moving out also helps ensure a healthier living space, allowing time for thorough cleaning

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