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Top green and energy saving tips for bathroom renovations from the Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust produced a great guide to help people make their home renovations more environmentally friendly in February 2023 – here's a quick summary.

Top tips for green bathroom renovations:

  • Swapping your shower head for a water efficient one could save you around £70 a year - waterfall style showers typically waste the most water
  • Contoured baths provide the feeling of a deep bath without using as much hot water
  • Insulate hot water pipes to reduce heat loss and waiting time for hot water
  • Towel rails help towels dry properly after each use, meaning you might not need to wash them as often, so get one big enough for all of your towels
  • Tap aerators only cost a few pounds and help to reduce the flow of water while maintaining the pressure. Fitting one can save over £30 annually on energy bills, plus an additional £13 or more for water meter users
  • If you’re replacing your toilet, look for highly efficient (HET) or ultra-low flush (ULF) toilets to minimise water use
  • Alternatively, cistern displacement devices can be purchased for just a couple of pounds and can save 1-2 litres of water per flush
  • Replacing existing bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs can save over £65 annually across an average household. Choose LEDs for new lighting during bathroom upgrades
  • Insulate your walls and floors, and replace or draft proof any windows in the bathroom while you’re there

Energy saving once your bathroom renovation is done:

  • Shortening shower time to four minutes could save you over £95 each year on your energy bills, and a further £60 or more on your water bills (if metered)
  • Swapping one bath a week for a four-minute shower can save around £20 on fuel bills and £11 or more on water bills annually

Read the full guide from the Energy Saving Trust here.

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