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Why moving a toilet is a big decision

If you’re replacing your toilet, look for highly efficient (HET) or ultra-low flush (ULF) toilets to minimise water use. Or to save on your budget, buy a cistern displacement / water saving device.

Moving a toilet involves more than just rearranging the furniture. It could be worth it in order to make the most of your space or increase privacy, however it will add to the overall time required to complete the project, which, in turn, increases the cost.

Still keen? The key question is how would the soil pipe get to the new position?

The soil pipe - the wide pipe that carries the waste water and solids away from the toilet - is usually located under or behind your toilet.

Soil pipe

Moving where the toilet is will mean either relocating the soil pipe to enter the room from a different part of the wall / floor or routing inside the room, built into a false wall or unit or just disguised with simple boxing in.

How to work out your options:

  • Can you easily identify where the current soil pipe joins the main waste stack (the large pipe, sometimes referred to as the vented soil stack, that carries waste water and solids away from the house)? You can normally see the waste stack attached to an outside wall, or you might want to look at plans for your building
  • Is the connection point obstructed or hidden? The more hidden it is, the more complicated it’s likely to be to relocate
  • Could the soil pipe run downhill from the new toilet location to connect with the waste stack? Gravity plays a role in ensuring the wastewater flows away, and toilets are mostly a standard height!
  • Would moving the toilet require modifications to the floor or walls? Structural changes are time consuming and involve additional materials so will increase cost

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