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Creating a mood board for your bedroom design

Before you start buying items for your bedrooms, go and do a little research and gather inspiration and remember you can't always get everything you need online. Go out and physically experience how things make you feel.

Start from the bottom up

What flooring do you have? Your flooring will always elevate your furniture but never the other way round. You can skimp a little on beds and wardrobe if you have good flooring whether hard floors or carpeted.

What do you love in this room, what do you want to feature? Maybe it's your bed or perhaps beautiful windows? What do you hate? And what are the things you would want if it's achievable?

Be a thief

Not literally, but go out to your favourite shops, hotels, restaurants, what do you love about the space? These places employ visual designers/merchandisers to put things together so they are most pleasing to the eye. Perhaps they put colours together that you may not have thought about. Do you like their lighting? Where have they placed things for maximum impact? Do you like their art?

Follow your eye

What do you notice first when out on your inspiration trips? Is it a colour that draws you or a pattern or design, perhaps it's a texture or a certain item. It doesn't have to be bedroom related, you may notice the colour of a shirt, could this be a nice accent or wall colour? Are you drawn to touch things, perhaps adding texture then to your design.

Create Zones

Zoning your space can also help with the overall visual when decorating your room, you can use colour accents, rugs and furniture to zone your space, even in a small room. Perhaps creating a nook out of an alcove to create a vanity area, this could be painted a different colour or perhaps with metallic objects to reflect light. A reading area where the chair is zoned with a rug? This helps break up a space, creates interest and personalises your space.

Follow some rules

60/30/10 – ok so this is stolen from interior design but it is a rule that most designers follow – 60% should be your main colour, 30% your next big colour. Think about the colour wheel and what sits nicely with your main colour, or if you want to be bold, the contrast to it. 10% should be your accents or accessories.

Painting ceilings, skirting and walls all in the same colour adds height, while adding interest.

Also if you are looking for a high end feel to your bedroom you can think about applying rules like mixing new and old (vintage often adds character, stories or memories), with darker colours for drama and some metallics for accents and to reflect light. Small details like switches and handles or knobs in brass can elevate the room or a piece of furniture.

Have fun

Play with lines, if your bed is very square and solid, add softness in cushions or art above it. This is your space, have fun with it and remember you can easily add or make changes by adding cushions, quilts, throws, rugs or accessories.

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